The Yeast Bay Beta Testing

The Yeast Bay is a company that specializes in “providing commercially unavailable or rare yeast and bacteria strains to the home brewing and craft brewing communities in high quality liquid cultures.”

I am one of three beta testers who are experimenting with cultures at various mashing and fermenting temperatures to help provide you with the best strains possible.  I’ll post recipes here, while you can follow up to date information in posts.


 Le Quatre Saisons

This is the first trial we started about a month ago.  The grain bill is as follows.  The yeasts were and still are… a mystery.

70% Pilsner Malt

20% Wheat Malt

10% Munich

Hop with magnum to 20 IBU.

I made a 11 gallon batch, splitting 4-4-2.5-2.5, the 4’s for future testing with brettanomyces.






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