The Cellar


On Draft:

Kolsch With Brettanomyces C.

Hard Cider 2012

Pelletier Sour w/ Cherries

Portland Brewfest Sour Ale

Barleywine 2012


Gose w/ Brett B

Stout 2013

Lambic 2013

Lambchop 2013

On Deck (Kegged):

Barrel Aged Saison (Riesling Barrel)

IPA split six ways – 6 different yeasts, each sour, 2013.  To be dry hopped this summer!

Brussels Black Style Ale

Hard Cider w/ Oak 2011

Flanders Red 2013

Straight Brett B 2012

Straight Brett L 2012

In Bottles:

Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter

Petit Sour 2012

Flanders Red 2012

Fermenting in Barrels:

Partial Eclipse – Black Sour Ale, currently in “sick phase”

Lambic v2 (Riesling Barrel, round 3)

Plain Sour (Riesling Barrel, round 2)

Fermenting in Stainless/Glass:

Le Quatre Saisons (Yeast Bay Testing)

Coolship 1

Coolship 2

“Dan” – Coolship

Oktoberfest 2014


Tripel – Omega Labs Saison Hybrid and Allagash House yeasts.



6 thoughts on “The Cellar

  1. Yeah, I used email and sent out a blast. I was able to find a some local barrels (Red blend, Gewurztraminer) to get our program going (I’m the sour program director at a new small brewery called Council Brewing in San Diego). I’m thinking a lot of vintners are old school and I need to call around to get a better response.

    I really like the experiments and beers you have going here. Always fun to see what others are doing and use it as inspiration.

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