I’m working on how best to showcase recipes, especially since I don’t use beersmith or any other calculator that is easy to display.  I simply think about the beer I want to build based upon the flavors available.  Yeast are harder to predict, but after some experimenting with starters I try to imagine what they would taste like more “mellowed out.”

In the meantime,

GRAINS: I have started a googledoc that allows anyone to add flavors they observe from grains.  All tests were from 2oz of crushed grain in 16oz of water.  Please add your observations.

YEAST:  These are the strains I have banked.  I have not used all of them, but plan to as time allows.  Last update was a little bit ago, I have some to add.

HOPS:  Too many to count!  I grow my own hops and this year will be the first big harvest.  Results TBD.


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