Turbid Mashing 101

Turbid mashing sounds difficult, and… it can be. However, with attention to detail and thoughtful process, you can do it and get amazing results. 

A complete description of turbid mashing can be found here I recommend reading it before you start this process, this post is not meant to be a perfect guide (yet).  

Grist: 66% Pils, 33% Raw wheat.

First, make sure you have a nice false bottom, or use a LOT of rice hulls. This will be messy.trb2

You’re first addition of water will be hardly anything. It will be lumpy and important to integrate the water and grain together. My sink water comes out at 150, so I spray it directly on to attain 113 deg F. Rest. It’s a pain to stir.


Its critical to have a large supply of boiling water for all of these additions, and additional pots (read article listed above). Next, add more boiling water, and stir. You’re shooting for 136. At the end of this rest, you’re going to remove some wort and heat it in a “side kettle”. It goes to 176 and halts conversion. 

After that rest, more water is added to hit 150 where we hang out for 30 minutes. Then, we fill the “side kettle” with another addition of partially converted wort (food for the bugs)

After that rest, more water is added to the mash tun, then we rest at 162.  You will want to continue stirring. Meanwhile, the side kettle hangs out at 167.

Now, the fun happens. Mash tun gets drained to boil kettle, “side kettle” goes into mash tun to raise it to 167 and rests for 20 min. 
Vorlauf, and sparge at 190. Collect runnings in your boil kettle.  It will be full!

trb 6



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