Homebrew Tour 2015

In 2015, I will be [hopefully] driving from Portland, Me to Anchorage, AK.  When we moved to Maine in 2012 from Anchorage, my wife and I toured as many feasible breweries along I-90 as I possibly could.  On the way home, I’d like to tour as many homebreweries and/or meet up with local brewers in towns, rest stops, etc., showcasing my beer and tasting theirs – a “kegerator” on wheels!

In the likely event that it is more of a pain in the kabungas to get my beer through Canada up to Alaska, I plan on traveling with 15.5 gallon sankes, several of which will be different vintages of Lambic.  As most of you know, I consider Lambic the ultimate when it comes to beer – and by then it should be tasting even better.

Inspired by “Homebreweries Across America”, I hope to have a map soon where people can list where they are and if they are interested in meeting up.  Obviously it will be timed to the drive as it fits my schedule, but would love to meet as many people as possible.  Perhaps we can even raise awareness for something along the way.

Hope to see you in a year!




2 thoughts on “Homebrew Tour 2015

  1. Don’t know about next year but you should definately drive down from Portland this fall for my annual Masstoberfest party. I try to have it the end of September and a whole lot of guys who you will recognize from HBT will be there. There are a bunch of guys brewing, I roast a hog and ‘hopefully’ we’ll have piazza out of the WFO this time.


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